Wagner, P.; Stang, J.-C.; Mews, M.; Morales-Vilches, A.B.; Stannowski, B.; Stegemann, B.; Korte, L.: Interdigitated back contact silicon heterojunction solar cells: Towards an industrially applicable structuring method. AIP Conference Proceedings 1999 (2018), p. 60001/1-7
Open Accesn Version

We report on the investigation and comparison of two different processing approaches for interdigitated back contacted silicon heterojunction solar cells: our photolithography-based reference procedure and our newly developed shadow-mask process. To this end, we analyse fill factor losses in different stages of the fabrication process. We find that although comparably high minority carrier lifetimes of about 4 ms can be observed for both concepts, the shadow masked solar cells suffer yet from poorly passivated emitter regions and significantly higher series resistance. Approaches for addressing the observed issues are outlined and first solar cell results with efficiencies of about 17 % and 23 % for shadow masked and photolithographically structured solar cells, respectively, are presented.