Stete, F.; Schoßau, P.; Bargheer, M.; Koopman, W.: Size-Dependent Coupling of Hybrid Core-Shell Nanorods: Toward Single-Emitter Strong-Coupling. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (2018), p. 17976-17982

Owing to their ability of concentrating electromagnetic fields to subwavelength mode volumes, plasmonic nanoparticles foster extremely high light−matter coupling strengths reaching far into the strong-coupling regime of light−matter interaction. In this article, we present an experimental investigation on the dependence of coupling strength on the geometrical size of the nanoparticle. The coupling strength for differently sized hybrid plasmon−core exciton−shell nanorods was extracted from the typical resonance anticrossing of these systems, obtained by controlled modification of the environment permittivity using layer-by-layer deposition of polyelectrolytes. The observed size dependence of the coupling strength can be explained by a simple model approximating the electromagnetic mode volume by the geometrical volume of the particle. On the basis of this model, the coupling strength for particles of arbitrary size can be predicted, including the particle size necessary to support single-emitter strong coupling.