• Mawass, M.-A.; Niederhausen, J.; Hengge, M.; Raoux, S.; Kronast, F.: Sample cartridge with built-in miniature molecule evaporator for in-situ measurement with a photoemission electron microscope. Ultramicroscopy 200 (2019), p. 1-5

Open Accesn Version

We present a new sample holder that is compatible with Photoemission Electron Microscopes (PEEMs) and contains a molecule evaporator. With the integrated low cost evaporator, a local and controlled material deposition in clean ultra-high vacuum conditions can be achieved minimizing the contamination of the analysis chamber. Different molecule systems can easily be studied by exchanging the sample holder. This opens up new possibilities for in-situ investigation of thin film growth by means of spectromicroscopy and element-selective imaging at the nanometer scale. As an example of the performances of the setup, we present a study of the hybrid inorganic/organic system (HIOS) consisting of the organic acceptor molecule 2,2′-(perfluoronaphthalene-2,6-diylidene) dimalononitrile (F6TCNNQ) and ZnO, which is of great interest for novel HIOS-based optoelectronic devices. Here, the ZnO surface work function modification by F6TCNNQ adsorption is investigated in-situ in a spatially resolved manner. In addition, we employ PEEM to selectively probe the chemical state of F6TCNNQ molecules in contact with ZnO (in the first monolayer) and those molecules located in multilayers (in 3D islands).