1990-1995: Study of Mineralogy at University of Heidelberg. Exam as Diplom-Mineraloge

1995 bis 2000 PhD student and scientif coworker at Mineralogisches Institut, University of Heidelberg. Responsible for X-ray lab of the crystallography group. Giving lectures and seminars. Thesis: "Thermal behaviour of CuOn polyhedra in selected compounds."

2000: Scientific coworker at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (formerly Hahn-Meitner-Institut). Responsible for neutron powder diffraktometer E9

2004-2014:  Establishing and running the HZB school lab for classes from ground school to secondary school within the school lab team.

2013: Responsibility for FALCON, a neutron Laue-Diffractometer

2015-2021: Establishing and running the X-ray CoreLab: User lab for X-ray diffraction.

X-ray diffractometer for crystal structure and thin film (phases, structure, texture, epitaxy),  temperature depending measurements, maintenance, data bases, software-support


X-ray diffraction and crystal structure analysis, solid state chemistry, science for public  ("Lange Nacht", open-door-day, Girls' Day...)

Private interests: Music (Piano and singing)