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Open Access and Open Science - what?

Have you ever heard the term Open Access or Open Science and know little about it? You want to know what the Berlin Declaration is all about? What about Open Access and Open Science in the scientific community, as in the Helmholtz Association? Does Open Access stand in contrast to quality assurance when it comes to publications?

More detailed information on Open Access at the Centre can be found at our internal page.

Open Access Network

Basic information can be found on the pages of the Open Access Network, a Germany-wide project for information about OA, continuing education, and networking in the process.

New pages for authors in Project DEAL journals

Authors are offered newly compiled information on the DEAL project (Open Access for all articles in Wiley, Springer, Nature journals).

Publications in Gold Open Access journals will continue to be funded decentrally at the HZB, but will be managed and accounted for centrally.

Open access in hybrid journals free of charge for HZB corresponding authors

With the DEAL project, all articles in the hybrid journals of the publishers Wiley and SpringerNature are published free of charge for the corresponding authors of the HZB under the CC BY Open Access licence.

Through separate agreements, this also applies to journals from RSC, ACS, ECS and AIP.

Please note the correct licence information in the publishers' author systems. Only CC BY meets the requirements of our funders and guarantees the best possible reuse and reach.

The costs are paid centrally from the library budget. Cover pages and printing costs are not covered by this and are undesirable.

Journal Checker Tool to easily check your Open Access options

When selecting the journal for publication, please use the Journal Checker Tool to fulfil your obligations to the financiers. For HZB-funded publications, you can enter e.g. "Eur" as the funder.

Gold Open Access

For publications in EU projects a shortened embargo period of 6 (instead of 12) months must be agreed with the publisher. Often it is then easier to make the publication as Gold Open Access (one-off payment of a fee to the publisher, publication under CC BY licence). Pure Gold Open Access journals are preferable.

CC BY (Creative Commons By Attribution) should always be used as the licence.

For the publishers Wiley, Springer Nature, RSC, ACS, ECS and AIP, HZB has concluded contracts (known as Publish&Read agreements) which allow for a free Gold Open Access publication for articles with HZB main authors (corresponding author) in their subscription-based journals (so-called hybrid journals) as standard. For these publishers, the HZB library is automatically included in the process if you mention HZB as your affiliation. With Wiley, ACS and RSC you have to select the correct license CC BY (Creative Commons By Attribution).

For publications in pure Gold Open Access journals from Wiley and Springer a 20% reduced fee is charged to us centrally, but this fee must be paid internally by the OUs.

Attention for EU projects: Below a defined amount, publications within the scope of the project are financed from the project's funds and handled by a special agency.

Paid publications have to be handled by the HZB library.
Contracts with publishers, with the exception of the author contract, may only be concluded by the HZB library. It will take over the handling with the publishers.

Payment of costs for so-called Cover Pages or Colour Figures should be refused, as they do not add value for HZB and cause avoidable costs.

If in doubt, please ask the HZB library before signing the Author's Contract!
Some author contracts are also Gold OA contracts, which have to be handled by the HZB library.
We have a lot of experience in this field and can considerably facilitate and shorten the necessary process for all parties involved, also by accelerating payment.

Gold Open Access publications must also be deposited in the HZB repository.

Open Science: Research Data

In the future, it will also be about free access to scientific research data/primary data (Open Science). This is something to be talked about, also in our house. Please talk to us!

Stay informed: Helmholtz Open Science maintains a Newsletter