Open Access and Open Science - what?

Have you ever heard the term Open Access or Open Science and know little about it? You want to know what the Berlin Declaration is all about? What about Open Access and Open Science in the scientific community, as in the Helmholtz Association? Does Open Access stand in contrast to quality assurance when it comes to publications?

More detailed information on Open Access at the Centre can be found at our internal page.

Obligation to file in the HZB repository

With the amendment of copyright law in 2013, a non-excludable second publication right for publications for authors in institutions with predominantly public funding was introduced in Section 38 UrG (4).. It allows articles to be made publicly accessible in the accepted manuscript version (not in the publisher's version) 12 months after publication in journals published at least twice a year (so-called Green Open Access). The HZB repository is available for this purpose.

The authors have the right to do this. The publication regulations of the HZB give the HZB a simple right of use.

All authors with reference to HZB are obliged to deposit corresponding versions in PASTA. The embargo period is automatically observed by the system. Attention: The publisher's version may not be used for this purpose! The HZB has committed itself in the HGF to provide all publications at least as Green Open Access until 2026.

Gold Open Access

For publications in EU projects, a shorter embargo period of 6 (instead of 12) months must be agreed with the publisher. It is then often easier to make the publication as Gold Open Access (one-off payment of a fee to the publisher, publication under licence CC BY). Pure Gold Open Access journals are preferred.

For the publishers Wiley, RSC and ECS, the HZB has contracts that allow free Gold Open Access publication for articles with HZB main authors (corresponding author) in their subscription-based journals (so-called hybrid journals) as standard. For these publishers, the HZB library is automatically included in the process.

For publications in pure Gold Open Access journals from Wiley, the 20 % reduced fee will be charged centrally from July 1 onwards, but must be paid internally by the OUs.

Below a defined amount, publications are financed from EU project funds and handled by a special agency. All other paid publications must be processed via the HZB library.

In case of doubt, please contact the HZB-Bibliothek before signing the contract!

All contracts with publishers must be processed via the HZB-Bibliothek.

For publications with Gold Open Access, a deposit in the HZB repository is neither necessary nor useful.