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Young Investigator Group Nanoscale Solid-Liquid Interfaces

Projects and collaborations

We are currently collaborating closely with several groups from EU, USA and China. If you are interested in our research and would like to initiate a new collaboration or a joint project, do not hesitate to contact us!

Ongoing projects

NANOMXM (2021-2026) : ERC Starting Grant n° 947852, "Nanoscale Chemical Imaging of MXene Electrochemical Storage by Operando Scanning X-ray Microscopy"

Nanocarbons (2015-2024): Freigeist Fellowship n° 89592, "Nanocarbons in Aqueous Environment: Spectroscopy Applied to Electro- and Photochemical Processes in Liquid"

CATLAB (2021-2026)

Previous Projects

DIACAT (2015-2019): Horizon 2020, FET Open n°665085, "Diamond materials for the photocatalytic conversion of CO2 to fine chemicals and fuels using vsible light"

Join us !

We regularly have open PhD and postdoc positions that will be advertised on the HZB portal.

Furthermore, we have experience with scholarships for international students and postdocs (DAAD, CSC, AvH, MSCA, …). If you have some exciting project in mind, please contact us directly.