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Department Atomic-Scale Dynamics in Light-Energy Conversion


July 2022 - Thomas attends the Ultrafast Phenomena conference

Together with Jack and Rachel from UIUC he enjoyed many good talks & french croissants...

enlarged view

Thomas, Jack & Rachel enjoying themselves in Montreal

March/April 2022 - Jack, Rachel & Conner visit BESSY II

PhD students Jack, Rachel, and Conner from UIUC flew all the way from Illinois to Berlin for three weeks of beam time at the UE52_SGM beam line at BESSY.

Martin Gruebele at BESSY II - enlarged view

Martin Gruebele and Renske van der Veen on big tour through BESSY II: control room (upper left), experimental hall (upper right), in the BESSY tunnel (lower left), at the SOL³PES station (lower right). © Robert Seidel / HZB

June 2022 - Martin Gruebele from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign visited us.

Martin is a former colleague of Renske in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Renske and Robert gave Martin a detailed tour through the BESSY synchrotron tunnel and the storage ring. Thanks to the ongoing shutdown we could show him all sacred places at BESSY II.

May 2022 - PS-ADLU grows!

Robert Seidel and his group joined Renske van der Veen’s Department of Atomic-Scale Dynamics in Light-Energy Conversion (PS-ADLU). A warm welcome everyone!