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Institute for Electronic Structure Dynamics

Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy

To study the dynamic electronic structure of molecular ensembles and materials, we primarily utilise the femtosecond time-resolved, extreme ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy technique. This allows us to selectively study the interfacial properties of liquids and solids. We complement these experiments with ultrafast time-resolution linear and non-linear optical absorption-based techniques that allow interfacial and bulk properties of samples to be, respectively, discerned. More details about these experiments can be found at the Ultrafast Laser Laboratory for Applied Sciences (ULLAS) page.

To enhance on these capabilities, we are developing a state-of-the-art laser facility that will extend our ultrafast photoelectron and absorption spectroscopy experiments into the soft X-ray regime. This facility will combine few-femtosecond soft X-ray pulses with higher data acquisition rates, experimental time-resolution, and spatial selectivity. To achieve this, we have adopted and are developing next generation laser technologies along with bespoke X-ray generation and delivery infrastructure. Collectively, this work will enable condensed phase electronic structure investigations at the temporal and spatial limits of chemical change. For more details about these developments, see the Liquid & Interfacial Dynamics with Ultrafast X-rays (LIDUX) page.