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Joint Research Group Macromolecular Crystallography

XDSAPP3 - A graphical user interface for the convenient processing of diffraction data using XDS

XDSAPP3 is a graphical user interface for the easy and convenient processing of diffraction data sets using XDS. It automates the data processing and generates graphical plots of various data set statistics provided by XDS and other programs. By incorporating additional software, further information on certain features of the dataset, such as radiation decay or the presence of pseudo-translational symmetry and/or twinning is provided. Intensity files suitable for CCP4, SHELX and CNS are automatically generated.

The programme can process data from all detectors that XDS itself supports, including Dectris Eiger and Eiger2 detectors.

XDSAPP3 is a further development of XDSAPP v2 (Sparta et al., 2016).

Academic users can use XDSAPP3 free of charge.

enlarged view

Statistics tab: The statistics of the INTEGRATE step can be followed concurrently during the integration.