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Department X-Ray Microscopy

X-ray optical methods and instrumentation for advanced X-ray microscopy


  • Development of novel X-ray optical concepts for high-spatial resolution X-ray imaging combined with high spectral resolution
  • Developments of methods for 3-D nano-imaging
  • Development of advanced phase contrast techniques
  • Operation and further development of the full-field transmission X-ray microscope for tomography and spectromicroscopy at U41 providing linear polarization
  • Design and setup of a new PGM beamline for X-ray microscopy in the soft and tender X-ray range (section L06)
    First results can be found here.
  • Conceptual studies for a new cryogenic scanning X-ray microscope operating at the planned undulator UE30 (section L06)

Topics handled in the past

  • Operation of a scanning transmission X-ray microscope at U41-beamline (section L12) with sample in air
  • Development of a new low-temperature X-ray full-field microscope providing full polarization control at the undulator UE46 (section L10)