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Department Spin and Topology in Quantum Materials


Phoenex is a movable system for spin-resolved ARPES. It features a Specs Phoibos 150 electron energy analyzer equipped with a Mott detector for 2 channel (in-plane) spin detection. It has an additional array of 6 channeltrons for spin-integrated detection. The system is equipped with a 5-axis manipulator (translation + polar and azimuthal rotation) and has built-in magnetization coils. PHOENEX is most commonly used at the UE112-PGM1 and U125/2-SGM beamlines.

enlarged view


Preparation and characterization facilities

•  LEED optics.

•  Ion-gun for sample cleaning.

•  Conductive lower-temperature annealing stage (T ≤ 1400 K) or

•  Electron bombardment annealing stage to allow for preparation of refractory metals.

•  E-beam metal evaporators.

•  Quartz microbalance.