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Department Spin and Topology in Quantum Materials

Full 6-axes cryogenic manipulator “S6.Cryo” for ARPES experiments

Designed for controlling a sample position in ARPES (angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy) measurements. The six axes include three linear translations (X, Y, Z) and three independent rotational motions: polar (P), azimuth (A), and tilt (T).

S6Cryo - enlarged view

6-axes cryomanipulator

Key Features:

  • Small size (effective diameter 70mm)
    => can be used in virtually any commercially available ARPES vacuum chamber (which typically has reduced port diameter due to requirements for external magnetic field shielding).
  • Full 130° Tilt rotation
    => more geometrical freedom in inserting samples
    => the possibility of measurements at a very high emission angle (in remote Brillouin zones of the sample material).
  • Sample temperature range: 10K to 500K
  • Customized add-on for sample environment.





Optional installation of customized add-on for sample environment. Add-on can be brought to (and retracted from) the sample under measurement conditions.

  • magnetic coil/yoke
    => allowing sample magnetization
  • 4-contact socket for electrical connections to the sample stage
    => allowing in-operando sample biasing, ferroelectrics polarization, etc.

Customer- and application-specific add-ons can be offered on request.


  • Manipulator is used on daily basis at 1^2 ARPES station at BESSY II synchrotron user facility, where we can get straightforward feedback.
  • Two years of usage prove.

Our team

We are scientists with extensive experience in ARPES measurements and vacuum technology, and we like building things. We test and use what we build -  that is our quality advantage.

The manipulator will be commercially available on request