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Young Investigator Group Theory of Electron Dynamics and Spectroscopy


In our research we are interested in understanding the structure and dynamics of electrons in molecules as well as nanostructured solid materials in all thinkable surroundings as the gas phase, solutions, or in the solid phase.

The major goal for our electron dynamics investigations is the understanding of ultrafast long-range correlation driven energy transfer processes in arrays of nanostructured semiconducting particles that eventually has a high potential for application in state-of-the-art infrared detectors or solar cells. Our goal for the future is to marry highly-accurate electron dynamics with the complex electronic processes happening in molecules in various media such that we can interpret dynamical interface processes as e.g. light-induced electron solvation or catalysis.  

In cooperation with our colleagues from spectroscopy we shed light on the electronic structure and vibrations of e.g. polymer matrices, manganese oxide catalysts for water oxidation, or diverse molecules in different solvents.

As we are an interdisciplinary team with a broad research background we are ready to face any new challenging project.