DEGAS - Laboratory for Gas Adsorption Measurements

In 2006 the Hahn-Meitner-Institute Berlin started establishing a dedicated sample environment, answering the strongly increased requests on neutron scattering experiments combined with in-situ gas adsorption measurements.  Due to the complexity of sample preparation and characterization in this type of investigations, it appeared reasonable to offer the suite of the modular experimental set-ups also for preliminary and completing measurements "off-beam" in the laboratory.

In-situ Investigations Dedicated equipment for in-situ gas adsorption combined with neutron and x-ray scattering.


The DEGAS laboratory is open for internal and external scientist, if their projected investigations contribute to the preparation or completion of neutron or x-ray scattering research at the Helmholtz Centre Berlin. For web based reservation requests of  the DEGAS laboratory and it's equipment use the DEGAS-LabCalendar (HZB web-password required) or contact the lab responsible Dr. D. Wallacher.