VI-Conference "Dynamic Pathways in Multidimensional Landscapes 2016"

More than 100 experts did gather at the international conference "Dynamic Pathways in Multidimensional Landscapes", which was held in September in Berlin. © HZB

Near the museum island, in the heart of Berlin, the International Conference "Dynamic Pathways in Multidimensional Landscapes 2016" has taken place last week. More than 100 international experts met at the Magnus-Haus of the German Physical Society from 12 -16 September 2016.

Topics ranged from quantum materials, molecular dynamics in physical chemistry and catalysis up to x-ray interaction with matter, thus crossing  the boundaries of physics, chemistry and materials science. A focus was set on transient states of matter followed with Synchrotron and Free Electron Laser radiation and complementary approaches.

The conference was conducted by the Helmholtz Virtual Institute 419 "Dynamic Pathways in Multidimensional Landscapes".

More Information on the conference website