Summer in the laboratory: 24 students from all over the world start their summer project

Group picture at arrival day at HZB.

Group picture at arrival day at HZB. © S. Kodalle/HZB

For eight weeks the summer students are now working on a research project at the Helmholtz Centre Berlin. Experienced scientists of the HZB will support them. On Thursday, 30 August, they will present their results.

This year, 282 young people from all over the world applied to take part in the HZB's summer program. But only 24 places are available. Now the selected students can start their project. They come from 14 different countries, including Egypt, China, Cuba, Russia and Thailand, and study STEM subjects in Bachelor's or Master's programmes at their home universities. For many, the summer student program is the first step into research.

"Once again this year, many HZB researchers have signed up with project ideas for summer students and agreed to intensively support the students," says Gabriele Lampert, who coordinates the summer student program. "I know that this also means additional work, but the experience from recent years also shows that it is often worth it for both sides. Because it happens again and again that summer students come back later, for example for a doctorate, as cooperation partners or users.

Finally, the summer students will present their results on 30 August 2019 at 11:00. Three students will give a short lecture, all others will explain their project with a self-designed poster.