Traditional HZB Neutron School will be continued at ANSTO in Australia

The neutron school at ANSTO in cooperation with HZB experts could transfer knowledge and skills in neutron research. © ANSTO

This summer, researchers at the Australian neutron source ACNS organised a joint neutron school at Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation ANSTO. The HZB-ANSTO neutron school will take place every two years. 

The first joint HZB-ANSTO neutron school took place from 23 to 28 June 2019 at ANSTO. HZB experts Prof. Dr. Bella Lake and Prof. Dr. Susan Schorr held several lectures. The interest in the neutron school was high, 24 participants were selected from 60 applications. In addition to lectures, hands on trainings on three instruments of the neutron source ACNS at ANSTO have been offered.

“Certainly we were inspired by the all-encompassing nature of the Berlin school - I believe that our plan going forward would be to run a 'general' neutron school every two years and a more specific school in between," said Dr. Helen Maynard-Casely, one of the organisers at ANSTO. 

Shortly before the start of the neutron school, the SPATZ neutron reflectometer at ACNS was inaugurated. SPATZ, formerly known as BioRef at the BER II at HZB, is ideally suited for studies of soft matter in biomedicine, energy and materials. It was donated by HZB to ANSTO since the BER II neutron source will be shut down end of 2019.

In a short video, ANSTO presents SPATZ and its virtues.