15 young people start their careers at HZB

Welcome at HZB!

Welcome at HZB! © HZB/M. Setzpfandt

On 1 September, HZB welcomed 15 new employees who are starting an apprenticeship, a dual study programme or a voluntary year at HZB. At an introductory event at the Wannsee site, HZB's Administrative Director Thomas Frederking welcomed the new employees and wished them a good start at the research centre.

HZB has many years of experience and success in trainings and dual studies. The young people are supervised at the centre by highly motivated trainers. The HZB offers a very exciting environment with an international flair and many opportunities for personal development, Thomas Frederking emphasised during his welcoming speech.   

We wish the new employees a good start and much success. Welcome to HZB! It's great to have you here.

The young people are in one of these training programmes:

  • Precision mechanic
  • Business Administrator for Office Management
  • Cook
  • IT Specialist (speciality System Integration)
  • Computer Science (BSc)
  • Design and Manufacture (B.Eng.)
  • Voluntary Ecological Year
  • Voluntary Social Year in Science, Technology and Sustainability

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