• Yamamoto, Sh.; Gorbunov, D.I.; Prokhnenko, O.; Weschke, E.; Miyata, A.; Diaz-Ortega, I.F.; Strohm, C.; Duc, F.; Henriques, M.S.; Gazizulina, A.; Uhlarz, M.; Mathon, O.; Andreev, A.V.; Nojiri, H.; Wosnitza, J.: Field-induced magnetic transitions in the highly anisotropic ferrimagnet ErFe5Al7 studied by high-field x-ray magnetic dichroism. Physical Review B 109 (2024), p. 094404/1-11


We present a comprehensive study of the magnetic properties of the strongly anisotropic ferrimagnet ErFe5Al7 in pulsed magnetic fields up to 30 T applied along the hard magnetization axis within the basal plane of the tetragonal lattice around the compensation temperature (Tcomp). Macroscopic measurements showed two anomalies at about 8 T and 25 T in a small temperature range around Tcomp. High-field x-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) data at the Er M5- and the Fe L3-edge resonances provide insight into the element-selective magnetization processes, revealing a coherent rotation of Er 4f and Fe 3d moments, with stepwise jumps including an unexpected one from an easy to a hard magnetization axis. XMCD at the Er L3-edge resonance elucidates the role of Er 5d electrons in coupling the Er 4f and the Fe 3d moments. Finally, an in-plane anisotropy constant was evaluated from a simulation of the magnetization process at temperatures well below Tcomp using a two-sublattice model.