Dai, B.; Polzer, F.; Häusler, I.; Lu, Y.: Au-TiO2 yolk-shell particles for photocatalysis application. Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 226 (2012), p. 827-835

Au-TiO2 yolk-shell particles with gold as core and mesoporous TiO2 as shell have been synthesized by deposition of TiO2 nanoparticles onto Au-silica core-shell particles via modified sol-gel method at room temperature followed by the removal of silica midlayer by NaOH treatment. The Au-TiO2 yolk-shell particles exhibit a high colloidal stability, which can be applied as excellent heterogeneous photocatalysts for the photodegradation of the dye Rhodamine B under UV irradiation. The Au-TiO2 yolk-shell particles have shown much higher photocatalytic activity than that of the hollow TiO2 particles without gold.