Guttmann, P.; Rehbein, S.; Werner, S.; Henzler, K.; Tarek, B.; Schneider, G.: Nanoscale spectroscopy and tomography with the HZB X-ray microscope: Applications in materials and life sciences. Journal of Physics : Conference Series 463 (2013), p. 012032/1-6

The full-field transmission X-ray microscope at the electron storage ring BESSY II allows nanoscale spectroscopy as well as correlative fluorescence and nanoscale tomographic imaging of frozen-hydrated adherent cells. Reconstructions of tilt series permit the visualization of the sub-cellular structures in mammalian cells and plant cells. Quantitative information about package densities of cell organelles in the cytoplasm is possible. We present an overview of recent results in materials and life sciences obtained with the HZB X-ray microscope.