Valiska, M.; Pospisil, J.; Nenert, G.; Stunault, A.; Prokes, K.; Sechovsky, V.: Magnetism in UCo0.88R0.12Ge Studied by Polarized Neutrons. Acta Physica Polonica A 126 (2014), p. 330-331

UCoGe is an archetype of coexisting weak itinerant 5f-electron ferromagnetism (TC  3 K, s = 0:03B/f.u.) and superconductivity (TSC  0:6 K) at ambient pressure. The Ru substitution for Co leads to an initial sharp increase of the TC up to the maximum of TC = 8:5 K for x = 0:12, increase of spontaneous magnetic moment and suppression of superconductivity. We have grown the UCo0:88Ru0:12Ge single crystal and studied magnetization along the principal crystallographic axes. To see the microscopic background of these ndings we performed a polarized neutron diraction experiment on D3 diractometer in ILL. We have found that the Co and U moments are parallel in UCo0:88Ru0:12Ge, in contrast to the antiparallel conguration in UCoGe. This is probably the reason of the spontaneous magnetization increase with Ru doping.