Wieczorek, S.; Dallmann, A.; Kochovski, Z.; Börner, H.G.: Advancing Drug Formulation Additives toward Precision Additives with Release Mediating Peptide Interlayer. Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (2016), p. 9349-9352

Amphiphilic drug formulation additives based on palmitic acid-modified poly(ethylene glycol) (Pal-PEG) are combined with a tailored drug binding peptide that is positioned at the hydrophobic-hydrophilic interface. The peptide originates from combinatorial selection and enables precise modulation of the drug release profiles. While Pal provides a cost-effective reservoir for drug storage, the PEG realizes solubility and shielding. The precision additives reach high payloads close to 1:1, rendering a photosensitizer water-soluble and providing adjustable drug activation kinetics by fine-tuning the peptide interface layer.