Mei, S.; Jafta, C.J.; Lauermann, I.; Ran, Q.; Kärgell, M.; Ballauff, M.; Lu, Y.: Porous Ti4O7 Particles with Interconnected-Pores Structure as High-Efficiency Polysulfide Mediator for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries. Advanced Functional Materials 27 (2017), p. 1701176/1-10

We have designed and synthesized multifunctional Ti4O7 particles with interconnected-pores structure by using porous PS-P2VP particles as template which can work efficiently as sulfur-host material for lithium-sulfur batteries. Specifically, the well-defined porous Ti4O7 particles exhibit interconnected pores in the interior and high surface area of 592 m2g−1, which not only show the advantage of mesopores for encapsulating of sulfur, but also provide polar surface for chemical binding with polysulfides to suppress their dissolution. Moreover, in order to improve the conductivity of the electrode, a thin layer of carbon has been coated on the Ti4O7 surface without destroying its porous structure. The porous Ti4O7 and carbon-coated Ti4O7 particles show significantly improved electrochemical performances as cathode material for Li-S batteries as compared with that of TiO2 particles.