Research Topics:

  • Ion beam physics
  • Nuclear solid state physics
  • Local structures determined by
    • Hyperfine interactions
    • x-ray absorption spectroscopy (EXAFS)
  • Ion beam applications
  • Accelerators
  • Virtual unfolding/unrolling of papyri by tomographic techniques
  • History of physics (especially related to Lise Meitner)

Conferences, symposia, events

  • AARD 2007 French-German summer school on "Analysis in Art with Radiation" with follow-up NanophoNArt 2009 (Nanophotonics in Nature and Art) and STICH 2011 (Science and Technology in Cultural Heritage)
  • Gordon Research Conference „Scientific Methods in Cultural Heritage Research“ July 29 to August 3, 2012, Mount Snow Resort, West Dover, Vermont, initiated, with follow-up conferences July 27 to August 1, 2014, Sunday River  Resort, Newry, Maine, and July 31 to August 5, 2016, Sunday River  Resort, Newry, Maine, and July 22 - 27, 2018, Rey Don Jaime Grand Hotel, Castelldefels 08860, Spain.
  • ManuSciences 2015, French-German summer school on "Manuscripts - from Fragments to Books - from Identification to Interpretation"
  • Theater play on Lise Meitner "KERNFRAGEN - Gedenken an Lise Meitner" (ESSENTIALS in memoriam Lise Meitner), 13.11.2018 and 15.2.2019, FU Berlin (see FU-Berlin and HZB-Blog), 5.12.2018 Bonn, 7.12.2018 Mainz, 8.3.2019 Wien.

Teaching FU Berlin Fachbereich Physik:

Participation in the following programs:

  • Under the title "Localizing 4000 Years of Cultural History. Texts and Scripts from Elephantine Island in Egypt" (ERC Project ELEPHANTINE Verena Lepper, ÄMP, SMB-SPK)
  • Under the title "Folded Time – Egyptian Papyri" (Verena Lepper, Curator of the papyrus collection, SMB-SPK) at the Einstein Center Chronoi  ( )