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Department Electrochemical Energy Storage

Operando Analysis of Energy Materials

The research group "Electrochemistry" deals on the one hand with the operando analysis of new electrode materials with high capacity such as silicon and sulfur, and on the other hand with the small angle scattering analysis of energy materials such as carbon electrodes. In multidimensional operando analysis, different independent measurement methods are performed simultaneously during charge/discharge. This approach provides a comprehensive picture of the electrochemical system on different length and time scales and is particularly suitable for gaining important mechanistic insights into complex charge/discharge processes. An example of this is the simultaneous performance of Raman UV/vis and impedance spectroscopy with simultaneous measurement of the temperature during the charging and discharging process. But also the use of structure elucidating methods such as X-ray imaging and small angle scattering in combination with spectroscopic methods is very informative.

Operando Analysis