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Joint Research Group - SyncLab


In the joint research group projects are carried out that demonstrate the synergy of synchrotron- and lab-based experiments.

In a first project we evaluate this synergy with the example of soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS). Transient investigations of organic molecules in thin films are of high interest due to their use in e.g. photovoltaics or OLEDs. Im ersten Projekt wird das Konzept anhand von Röntgennahkantenspektroskopie im weichen Röntgenbereich untersucht. The element specificity of XAS can give insight about the localization of transient changes in the molecule, facilitating the elucidation of the dynamics in space and time. The BLiX instrumentations offers a time resolution of 500 ps, while at selected beamlines at BESSY II 50 fs can be achieved.

A second focus of our work is the investigation of dental materials with X-ray spectroscopy and imaging. Two projects funded by the german research foundation have started in 2021 which will facilitate the investigation of structural and chemical micro-changes in dental materials. We will use X-ray fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy at BLiX and BESSY II to understand aging and changes in dentin.