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Joint Research Group - SyncLab

The materials science of teeth in function: principles of durable, dynamic dental interzones

Within the DFG Forschergruppe Interdent, the project 'Material aging close to dental restaurations: predicting dentin sklerosis' aims at elucidating changes in dentin caused for example by diffusion of elements from dental filling materials into the healthy dentin. Different material analysis methods will be combined in this project to deepen the understanding of material properties and dynamics. One of the proposed techniques is near edge X-ray absorption fine structure spectrocopy in the soft X-ray range at the L edge of Zn and the K edges of Ca and F. The chemical alterations will be mapped in the coordinate system defined by the interphase between filling and dentin.`

A PHD position from the 1.12.2021 is available in this project. The application deadline is the 5.11.2021.