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Department Highly Sensitive X-ray Spectroscopy

List of Publications

Only publications with Department of Highly Sensitive X-ray Spectroscopy affiliation from 2018 on are listed here. For complete lists of publications see the individual group members' pages.


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Most Recent Publications


Ablyasova, O.S.; Zamudio-Bayer, V.; Flach, M.; da Silva Santos, M.; Lau, J.T.; Hirsch, K., Direct spectroscopic evidence for the high-spin state of dioxidomanganese(v), Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 26 (2024), p. 5830-5835
doi: 10.1039/d3cp05468c



Trzesniowski, H.; Deka, N.; Van Der Heijden, O.; Golnak, R.; Xiao, J.; Koper, M.T.M.; Seidel, R.; Mom, R.V., Reversible and Irreversible Cation Intercalation in NiFeOx Oxygen Evolution Catalysts in Alkaline Media, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 14, p. 545-551, doi: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.2c03336

Zamudio-Bayer, V.; Hirsch, K.; Ma, L.; de Knifj, K.; Xu, X.; Lawicki, A.; Terasaki, A.; Ferrari, P.; v. Issendorff, B.; Lievens, P.; de Heer, W.A.; Lau, J.T.; Janssens, E., Magnetic nanodoping: Atomic control of spin states in cobalt doped silver clusters. Physical Review Research 5, p. 033103/1-10, doi: 10.1103/PhysRevResearch.5.033103

Ablyasova, O.S.; Guo, M.; Zamudio-Bayer, V.; Kubin, M.; Gitzinger, T.; da Silva Santos, M.; Flach, M.; Timm, M.; Lundberg, M.; Lau, J.T.; Hirsch, K., Electronic Structure of the Complete Series of Gas-Phase Manganese Acetylacetonates by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 127 (2023), p. 7121-7131, doi:10.1021/acs.jpca.3c02794

da Silva Santos, M.; Medel, R.; Flach, M.; Ablyasova, O.S.; Timm, M.; von Issendorff, B.; Hirsch, K.; Zamudio-Bayer, V.; Riedel, S.; Lau, J.T., Exposing the Oxygen-Centered Radical Character of the Tetraoxido Ruthenium(VIII) Cation [RuO4]+, ChemPhysChem 24 (2023), p. e202300390/1-7, doi: 10.1002/cphc.202300390

Huo, Y.; Espinoza Cangahuala, M.K.; Zamudio-Bayer, V.; Goulart, M.; Kubin, M.; Timm, M.; Lau, J.T.; von Issendorff, B.; Hoekstra, R.; Faraji, S.; Schlathölter, T., An X-ray spectroscopy study of structural stability of superhydrogenated pyrene derivatives, Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 523, 865, doi: 10.1093/mnras/stad1341

Liu, M.; O’Reilly, D.; Schwob, L.; Wang, X.; Zamudio-Bayer, V.; Lau, J. T.; Bari, S.; Schlathölter, T.; Poully, J.-C., Direct observation of charge, energy and H transfer between backbone and nucleobases in isolated DNA oligonucleotides, Chemistry - A European Journal 29 (2023), p. e202203481/1-9 (2023), doi: 10.1002/chem.202203481
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