POF Program

The Helmholtz Association contributes to solving grand challenges which face society, science and industry by performing top-rate research in strategic programmes in the fields of Aeronautics, Space and Transport, Earth and Environment, Energy, Health, Key Technologies, and Matter.

The 18 Helmholtz Centres explore systems of great complexity with large-scale facilities and scientific infrastructure, cooperating closely with national and international partners and contribute to shaping our future by combining research and technology development with perspectives for innovative applications and viable prospects for tomorrow's world.

During the POF III funding period, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin participates in a total of six programmes as part of the Helmholtz research fields “Energy” and “Matter.” More information can be found on the website of the Helmholtz Association.

Matter (blue symbols)

  • From matter to materials and life (MML)
  • Materie und Technologie (MT)

Energy (yellow symbols)

  • Renewable Energies (RE)
  • Energy efficiency, materials and resources (EMR)
  • Storage and cross-linked infrastructures (SCI)
  • Future Information Technology (FIT)
Research at large-scale facilities: From matter to materials and life (MML)
MML In-house research
MML - Research on matter with brilliant light sources
MML - Neutrons for research on condensed matter
MML - Quantum condensed matter: magnetism, superconductivity and beyond
MML - Materials and processes for energy and transport technologies
MML - Nanoscience and materials for IT
MML - Soft matter, health and life sciences
Accelerator: Matter and Technologies (MaT)
MaT - Accelerator research and development (ARD)
Renewable Energies (RE)
RE - Solar Fuels
RE - Next-generation solar cells
Storage and cross-linked infrastructures (SCI)
SCI - Electrochemical storage
Energy efficiency, materials and resources (EMR)
EMR - Methods and concepts for material development
Future information technology (FIT)
FIT - Controlling spin-based phenomen
FIT - Controlling collective states

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