Publications 2020

Al-Temimy, A.; Prenger, K.; Golnak, R.; Lounasvuori, M.; Naguib, M.; Petit, T.: Impact of Cation Intercalation on the Electronic Structure of Ti3C2Tx MXenes in Sulfuric Acid. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (2020), p. 15087-15094

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Schade, U.; Cao, D.; Puskar, L.; Ritter, E.; Beckmann, J.: EXPRESS: Removal of Etalon Features in the Far-infrared/THz Transmittance Spectra of Thin Polymer Films. Applied Spectroscopy early view (2020)

Schulz, C.; Lieutenant, K.; Xiao, J.; Hofmann, T.; Wong, D.; Habicht, K.: Characterization of the soft X-ray spectrometer PEAXIS at BESSY II. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 27 (2020), p. 238-249
Open Access Version

Schwob, L.; Dörner, S.; Atak, K.; Schubert, K.; Timm, M.; Bülow, C.; Zamudio-Bayer, V.; von Issendorff, B.; Lau, J.T.; Techert, S.; Bari, S.: Site-Selective Dissociation upon Sulfur L-Edge X-ray Absorption in a Gas-Phase Protonated Peptide. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (2020), p. 1215-1221

Villalobos, J.; Golnak, R.; Xi, L.; Schuck, G.; Risch, M.: Reversible and irreversible processes during cyclic voltammetry of an electrodeposited manganese oxide as catalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction. JPhys Energy 2 (2020), p. 034009/1-12
Open Access Version