Quantachrome AUTOSORB I (LS123)

Volumetric gas adsorption analyzer

Fully automated volumetric gas adsorption analysis station.

Autosorb 1MP

Autosorb 1MP



Gas types N2, Ar, CO2, He, H2, ...
Vapor types C5F12, CH2Br2, Ethanol, ...
Temperaturbereich 10 K - 290 K

The device is dedicated to standard characterization measurements of nano-structured matter by nitrogen sorption isotherms at 77K. The system is equipped with a micropore and a vapor sorption option and two outgassing stations for temperatures up to 350°C. The instrument data reduction sofware supports the standard data reduction algrorithms like BET, BJH, etc. as well as the  newest  DFT  kernels for typical pore geometries.

  • Fully automated
  • High resolution pressure measurements from 0.001 mbar to 1000 mbar
  • Data reduction software with BET-, DFT-, and micropore analysis
  • 2 Outgassing stations
  • Vapor sorption option