Streubel, R.; Kravchuk, V.P.; Sheka, D.D.; Makarov, D.; Kronast, F.; Schmidt, O.G.; Gaididei, Y.: Equilibrium magnetic states in individual hemispherical permalloy caps. Applied Physics Letters 101 (2012), p. 132419/1-3

The magnetization distributions in individual soft magnetic permalloy caps on non-magnetic spherical particles with sizes ranging from 50 to 800 nm are investigated. We experimentally visualize the magnetic structures at the resolution limit of the x-ray magnetic circular dichroism photoelectron emission microscopy (XMCD-PEEM). By analyzing the so-called tail contrast in XMCD-PEEM, the spatial resolution is significantly enhanced, which allowed us to explore magnetic vortices and their displacement on curved surfaces. Furthermore, cap nanostructures are modeled as extruded hemispheres to determine theoretically the phase diagram of equilibrium magnetic states. The calculated phase diagram agrees well with the experimental observations.