Guc, M.; Izquierdo-Roca, V.; Perez-Rodriguez, A.; Gurieva, G.; Levcenko, S.; Schorr, S.; Arushanov, E.: Raman spectra of wurtzstannite quaternary compounds. Physica Status Solidi C 10 (2013), p. 1075-1078

Wurtzstannite-type Cu2ZnGeS4, Cu2ZnSiSe4 and Cu2ZnSiS4 single crystals were grown by chemical vapor transport method using iodine as transport agent. Raman spectra of obtained crystals were investigated and 17, 11 and 18 peaks were observed for Cu2ZnGeS4, Cu2ZnSiSe4 and Cu2ZnSiS4, respectively. In all cases, the spectra from these compounds are characterized by three dominant peaks. In case of Cu2ZnSiSe4 the dominant peaks appear at 222 cm–1, 179 cm–1 and 170 cm–1. For Cu2ZnGeS4 and Cu2ZnSiS4 the most intense peak shifts from 360 cm–1 to 393 cm–1 with replacement of Ge by Si, while the other main peaks have almost the same position for both compounds (272–278 cm–1 and 291 cm–1). Identification of these dominant peaks provides with a characteristic spectral fingerprint for detection of these crystalline phases.