Guc, M.; Levcenko, S.; Dermenji, L.; Gurieva, G.; Schorr, S.; Syrbu, N.; Arushanov, E.: Excitonic and band-band transitions of Cu2ZnSiS4 determined from reflectivity spectra. Solid State Communications 190 (2014), p. 44-48

Exciton spectra of Cu2ZnSiS4 single crystals are investigated by reflection spectroscopy at 10 and 300 K for light polarized perpendicular and parallel to the optical axis. The parameters of the excitons and dielectric constant are determined. The free carriers effective masses have been estimated. The room temperature reflectivity spectra at photon energies higher than the fundamental band gap in the polarization Е?с and EJс were measured and related to the electronic band structure of Cu2ZnSiS4.