Dimitrievska, M.; Xie, H.; Fairbrother, A.; Fontane, X.; Gurieva, G.; Saucedo, E.; Perez-Rodriguez, A.; Schorr, S.; Izquierdo-Roca, V.: Multiwavelength excitation Raman scattering of Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)4 (0≤x≤1) polycrystalline thin films: Vibrational properties of sulfoselenide solid solutions. Applied Physics Letters 105 (2014), p. 031913/1-5
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In this work, Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction were applied together to evaluate the crystal structure and the phonon modes of photovoltaic grade Cu 2ZnSn(SxSe1−x)4 thin films, leading to a complete characterization of their structural and vibrational properties. Vibrational characterization has been based on Raman scattering measurements performed with different excitation wavelengths and polarization configurations. Analysis of the experimental spectra has permitted identification of 19 peaks, which positions are in good accord with theoretical predictions. Besides, the observation of Cu 2ZnSnS4-like A symmetry peaks related to S vibrations and Cu 2ZnSnSe4-like A symmetry peaks related to Se vibrations, additional Raman peaks, characteristic of the solid solution and previously not reported, are observed, and are attributed to vibrations involving both S and Se anions.