• Uenal, A.A.; Valencia, S.; Radu, F.; Marchenko, D.; Merazzo, K. J.; Vazquez, M.; Sánchez-Barriga, J.: Ferrimagnetic DyCo5 Nanostructures for Bits in Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording. Physical Review Applied 5 (2016), p. 064007/1-8

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Increasing the magnetic data recording density requires reducing the size of the individual memory elements of a recording layer as well as employing magnetic materials with temperature-dependent functionalities. Therefore, we predict that the near future of magnetic data storage technology involves a combination of energy-assisted recording on nanometer-scale magnetic media. We present the potential of heat-assisted magnetic recording on a patterned sample; a ferrimagnetic alloy composed of a rare-earth and a transition metal DyCo5, which is grown on a hexagonal-ordered nanohole array membrane. The magnetization of the antidot array sample is out-of-plane oriented at room temperature and rotates towards in plane upon heating above its magnetic anisotropy reorientation temperature (TR) of 350 K, just above room temperature. Upon cooling back to room temperature (below TR), we observe a well-defined and unexpected in-plane magnetic domain configuration modulating with 45 nm. We discuss the underlying mechanisms giving rise to this behavior by comparing the magnetic properties of the patterned sample with the ones of its extended thin-film counterpart. Our results pave the way for future applications of ferrimagnetic antidot arrays of superior functionality in magnetic nanodevices near room temperature.