• Kronast, F.; Valencia Molina, S.: SPEEM: The photoemission microscope at the dedicated microfocus PGM beamline UE49-PGMa at BESSY II. Journal of Large Scale Research Facilities JLSRF 2 (2016), p. A-90

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The UE49-PGMa beamline hosts a photoemission electron microscope (PEEM) dedicated to spectromicroscopy and element-selective magnetic imaging on the nanometer scale. The instrument is an Elmitec PEEM III equipped with energy filter and Helium cooled manipulator. Laser driven excitations can be studied using an attached Ti:Sa laser. A variety of customized sample holders is available for imaging in moderate magnetic / electric field, temperature control, or local laser excitations. With x-rays the instrument is capable of 30 nm spatial resolution.