Just, J.; Nichterwitz, M.; Lützenkirchen-Hecht, D.; Frahm, R.; Unold, T.: Compositional dependence of charge carrier transport in kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells. Journal of Applied Physics 120 (2016), p. 225703/1-7

Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells deposited by thermal co-evaporation have been characterized structurally and electronically to determine the dependence of the electronic properties on the elemental composition of the kesterite phase, which can significantly deviate from the total sample composition. To this end, the kesterite phase content and composition were determined by a combination of X-ray fluorescence and X-ray absorption measurements. The electronic properties, such as carrier density and minority carrier diffusion length, were determined by electron beam induced current measurements and capacitance-voltage profiling. The charge-carrier transport properties are found to strongly depend on the Cu/(Sn+Zn) ratio of the kesterite phase. For the Cu-poor sample, a minority carrier diffusion length of 270 nm and a total collection length of approx. 500 nm are deduced, indicating that current collection should not be an issue in thin devices.