Access to licensed electronic ressources from non-HZB computers

The problem solution

Please start a web browser on a computer in the HZB intranet and control this from your computer remotely. This is possible in different ways, for example:

  • a connection with the program Microsoft Remote Desktop (Windows, macOS) or another RDP program (e.g. Remmina for Linux and macOS) to the HZB SAS farm with your HZB identification and the gateway
    A suitable configuration file can be found via the link as icon Desktop HZB-Terminalserver (log in with HZB-ID, click on the icon and download the file).
  • connect with Internet Explorer to with your HZB ID (Windows only)
  • a browser on a  Linux server (eg with VNC server and VNC client started there on your computer (e.g. PuTTY) via an SSH tunnel through the access computer

Please use our Cloud nubes to transfer the content.

You will find explanations of the procedure on the pages for external access.