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Access to licensed electronic ressources from non-HZB computers

The problem solution

Please start a web browser on a computer in the HZB intranet and control this from your computer remotely. This is possible in different ways, for example:

  • a connection with the program Microsoft Remote Desktop (Windows, macOS) or another RDP program (e.g. Remmina for Linux and macOS) to the HZB SAS farm sas.helmholtz-berlin.de with your HZB identification and the gateway rica.helmholtz-berlin.de
    A suitable configuration file can be found via the link https://rica.helmholtz-berlin.de as icon Desktop HZB-Terminalserver (log in with HZB-ID, click on the icon and download the file).
  • connect with Microsoft Edge to https://rica.helmholtz-berlin.de with your HZB ID (for Windows systems only)
  • a browser on a  Linux server (eg dinux9.basisit.de) with VNC server and VNC client started there on your computer (e.g. PuTTY) via an SSH tunnel through the access computer aditum.helmholtz-berlin.de.

Please use our Cloud nubes to transfer the content.

You will find explanations of the procedure on the pages for external access.