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Registration form

This form needs to be submitted for evaluation at least seven days prior to the proposed starting date. For questions, please contact Dr. Manfred Weiss.

HZB-employee *

User *

Are you planning to bring GMOs into the BioLab? *

Is there any hazardous potential associated with the chemicals and substances you bring into the BioLab? *

Do you require storage space in the BioLab? *

If yes, where?

Will you produce waste in the BioLab as a result of the proposed experiment? *

I hereby declare that I have filled out the access request form to the best of my knowledge, that I have read and understood the Directive for Operations (Betriebsanweisung) for the BioLab and that I am responsible for the correct labelling and storage of all chemicals and substances, which I will bring into the BioLab and store there, and for the removal of all waste material, which is produced as a result of my experiments in the BioLab.