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Joint Research Group Macromolecular Crystallography

BL14.1 Overview


BL14.1 Summary

BL14.1 is a fully tuneable beamline for high-brilliance monochromatic crystallography experiments covering numerous absorption edges with a flux of 2 10^11 photon/sec at 13.5 keV.  

Please check the supported sample holders and vial specifications.



  • Protein Crystallography - Life Science
  • Chemical crystallography, Maximum resolution 0.8 Angström


  • Macromolecular Crystallography - MAD/SAD Data collection
  • High-throughput Fragment Screening 
  • Long-wavelength data collection
  • UV-RIP phasing

Sample Environment

  • 100 K Cryostream
  • Room temperature data collection
  • 440 nm UV pulsed laser at sample position 
  • CATS automatic sample changer with Universal puck support 
  • MD2 - microdiffractometer 


  • Minimum: 50, 70, 100 micrometer diameter (aperture overfilling)

X-ray Detectors

  • Pilatus3S 6M with 25 Hz data rate
  • Amptec XR123 SSD