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Welcome to the CCMS!

We run a series of ion- and electron microscopes that can be used for your projects either by yourself or by the corelab staff.



Getting access to the instruments of the CCMS

Scanning Electron Microscopes

Scanning Ion Microscopes

Transmission Electron Microscopes

Those webpages provide contact details for the instrument responsible persons, too. If you think that we can help you, contact the respective instrument scientist(s) and discuss your project. If you are not sure, whether we can help you, contact us more than ever. We will find out together.

Two roads to the machines:

Express Reservation


  • Straight reservation of instrument time
  • Only for trained users
  • Quotas for each user and instrument, e.g. 30 min./week/user on the Gemini 1530
  • No Proposal needed