Vektor Magnet

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Applicable station(s)

Temperature range
Beamline data
Segment H05
Location (Pillar) 7.1
Source D51 (Dipole)
Monochromator PM-2
Energy range 20-1600 eV
Energy resolution --
Flux ~5E9
Polarisation Circular, Horizontal
Divergence horizontal 6 mrad
Divergence vertical 10 mrad
Focus size (hor. x vert.) in micrometers: 60x50, 800x800, variable
User endstation not possible
Distance Focus/last valve -- mm
Height Focus/floor level 1432 mm
Beam availability 24h/d
Phone 14834
Gratings 1200, 150 lines/mm
Polarization switching time 2 seconds
Mirror coating Ta

List Publications

Posters and Talks

  • Florin Radu,  Probing nanoscale magnetism with soft x-rays , International Conference on Surface X-Ray and Neutron Scattering Hamburg, 07.07.2014 - 11.07.2014 (2014)
  • Florin Radu, VEKMAG,  7th Joint BER II and BESSY II User Meeting (2015)
  • F. Radu, H. Ryll, C. Luo, R. Abrudan, S. Rudorff, O. Rader, T. Noll,   W. Kuch,  A. J. Britton, l. Machado-Arruga, H. Zabel, G. Woltersdorf, and C. Back, VEKMAG - a vector magnet for BESSY II, From Matter to Materials and Life DESY, Hamburg, 14.12.2016 - 16.12.2016 (2016)
  • H. Ryll, A. Balzer,  L. Drescher, F.  Eggenstein, R. Fleischhauer, C. Kalus, O. Pawlizki, O. Rader, R. Ringel, S. Rudorff, J.-S. Schmidt,  E. Suljoti,  and F. Radu, PM2 - A new soft x-ray beamline for magnetism, From Matter to Materials and Life DESY, Hamburg, 14.12.2016 - 16.12.2016 (2016)
  • S Pöllath, C Luo, M Schön, F Radu, H Ryll, and CH Back, Soft X-ray Resonant Magnetic Scattering from the helical phase in Cu2OSeO3 at VEKMAG, DPG Dresden (2017)