Young researchers from eleven countries attended the Autumn School of the Helmholtz virtual institute “Microstructure Control for Thin-Film Solar Cells”

Participants of the Autumn School 2016.

Participants of the Autumn School 2016.

From the 9th to the 14th of October 2016, the “Autumn School on Microstructural Characterisation and Modelling of Thin-Film Solar Cells” brought together lecturers and participants from eleven different countries. In the Akademie Berlin-Schmöckwitz, 30 postgrads and postdocs discussed characterisation and simulation methods for the development of efficient thin-film solar cells.

In introductory lectures, the audience learned about the fundamentals of thin-film solar cells and their microstructure, as well as possibilities for investigating the growth of thin film systems. Armed with this knowledge, they attended six workshops on various characterisation and modelling methods for material properties and component functions. Each of these units comprised an overview lecture by an invited expert and a hands-on session in which the participants had the opportunity to try out each method using suitable software. The participants then applied their knowledge to a small project task, the results of which they presented at the final event on the 14th of October. This was the prerequisite for receiving the certificate of participation.

“The Autumn School was a very successful event, which brought young researchers together from many countries. What was special is that we taught both characterisation methods and suitable simulation possibilities. Both approaches are indispensable to researchers for studying material properties and growth processes in thin-film solar cells and components,” says Dr. Daniel Abou-Ras, who organised the 2nd Autumn School in the scope of the Helmholtz virtual institute “Microstructure Control for Thin-Film Solar Cells”.