Talk given by Martina Schmid at PVSEC-26 lauded

Martina Schmid was awarded for her brillant presentation at PVSEC-26 in Singapore.

PVSEC-26, one of the  largest international conferences in the field of photovoltaics, took place in Singapore at the end of October. Prof. Martina Schmid received a “Best Oral Presentation Award” for her talk in the field of New Materials and Concepts.

Martina Schmid heads the NanoOptiX Young Investigator Group at HZB and is a junior professor at the Freie Universität Berlin. She explained in her talk the potential of nano and microconcentrators for the next generation of chalcopyrite solar cells.

PVSEC comprises all aspects of solar energy, from pure research on new material systems, to manufacturing, characterisation, and simulation of photovoltaic materials, research and optimisation of solar cells and solar modules, to questions of how to expand the power grid, its stability, and new developments for smart grids.

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