Shokr, M.; Kirchlechner, C.; Malyar, N.; Ariunbold, U.; Hartmann, R.; Strüder, L.; Genzel, C.; Klaus, M.; Pietsch, U.: In situ observations of single grain behaviour during plastic deformation in polycrystalline Ni using energy dispersive Laue diffraction. Materials Science and Engineering A 772 (2020), p. 138778/1-9

Energy dispersive X-ray Laue diffraction is applied to investigate the deformation behavior of individual grains in a polycrystalline nickel wire under tensile loading. 38 Laue spots are identified in the Laue pattern which originate from 9 separate grains. The simultaneous measurements of the Laue spot's position and energy obtained by using a 2D energy dispersive detector, allows to track the evolution of the 9 grains through multiple stages of deformation. Angular and spectral elongation (streaking) of the Laue spots increases as tensile loading is increased and is attributed to macroscopic texture changed and strain due to defect accumulation. On the single grain level, a correlation between crystallographic orientation and strain is investigated. Moreover, spatially resolved anisotropic deformation within a single grain is measured to increase at the grain boundaries. Comparison of the grain specific responses allow for development of a deformation scenario for the whole specimen. The presented experiment demonstrates an alternative protocol for the investigation of deformation mechanisms in polycrystalline materials.