Oponowicz, A.; Marciszko-Wiackowska, M.; Baczmanski, A.; Klaus, M.; Genzel, C.; Wronski, S.; Kollbek, K.; Wróbel, M.: Gradient of Residual Stress and Lattice Parameter in Mechanically Polished Tungsten Measured Using Classical X-rays and Synchrotron Radiation. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 51 (2020), p. 5945-5957
Open Accesn Version

In this work, the stress gradient in mechanically polished tungsten sample was studied using X-ray diffraction methods. To determine in-depth stress evolution in the very shallow subsurface region (up to 10 μm), special methods based on reflection geometry were applied. The subsurface stresses (depth up to 1 μm) were measured using the multiple-reflection grazing incidence X-ray diffraction method with classical characteristic X-rays, while the deeper volumes (depth up to 10 μm) were investigated using energy-dispersive diffraction with white high energy synchrotron beam. Both complementary methods allowed for determining in-depth stress profile and the evolution of stress-free lattice parameter. It was confirmed that the crystals of tungsten are elastically isotropic, which simplifies the stress analysis and makes tungsten a suitable material for testing stress measurement methods. Furthermore, it was found that an important compressive stress of about − 1000 MPa was generated on the surface of the mechanically polished sample, and this stress decreases to zero value at the depth of about 9 μm. On the other hand, the strain-free lattice parameter does not change significantly in the examined subsurface region.