• Redondo, L.; Kandratsyeu, A.; Atkinson, T.; Dreßler, O.: Testing of a bipolar Solid-State Marx Generator for Berlin BESSY II injection kicker system. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 49 (2021), p. 1936-1940

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This article describes the preliminary results from the new bipolar solid-state Marx generator proposed for Berlin BESSY II injection system, which includes the following pulse specifications: (1) peak voltage of ±8 kV, (2) peak current of 160 A, (3) impedance of 50 Ω , (4) frequency łe 10 Hz, (5) width of 350 ns, (6) risetime łe 80 ns, and (7) deviation from ``Flat top'' łe ±1%. The generator is based on SiC metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) in order to allow fast risetime/falltime, where the charging of the main capacitors is from resistive paths. A generator with ten stages, using a dummy load that simulates a kicker magnet, is experimentally tested in order to study the overall performance, and results are presented and discussed.