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The pulse picking by resonant excitation (PPRE) method* is used to realize pseudo single-bunch radiation from a complex filling pattern at the BESSY II storage ring. The PPRE bunch is excited in the horizontal plane by a quasi-resonant incoherent perturbation to increase the emittance of this bunch**. Therefore, the synchrotron light of the PPRE bunch can be separated by collimation from the radiation of the main bunch train at dedicated beamlines for timing users. The properties of the PPRE bunch depend on the storage ring settings and on the excitation parameters. It is not trivial to distinguish between the wanted intrinsic bunch broadening and an additional position fluctuation of the PPRE bunch. Using the potential of the new diagnostics beamline with the possibility to observe an additional spatial dimension with a fast streak camera, we introduce a new method to study the properties of the PPRE bunch***. Applying a statistical analysis to a series of single-turn images enables distinguishing between horizontal orbit motion and the broadening of the bunch due to the excitation. Measurements are presented and the results are compared with data from the BPM system.